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At that same job, I also convinced two of my other co-workers to further their education at community college. The world is a big place with infinite possibilities and inspirations, and I just happen to know - If I can’t change the world right this second, changing someone’s life is just the same. Now let's talk about school - something I was never good at.

While in high school, I took graphic design/tv production classes at the College and Career Academy for two years, as well as participated in the “SkillsUSA” contest, where two others and I represented the entire Academy. As I stated earlier, school was something I wasn’t the best at, but there’s something about those graphic design/tv production classes that brought out the creative, adventurous side of me - the side that sees the colors of the world. Towards the end of high school, I felt as though I had a cluster of ideas trapped inside my head, from skits to shorts to feature films.

Around this time, Vine was popular, and I joined the trend! Vine was the first place I was allowed to showcase my ideas and the response was amazing! In this chapter of my life, I learned the endless possibilities of putting yourself out there! I would get responses from people telling me they watch my videos every day. Some watched them to feel better, and a lot watched to simply get a good laugh! To a young man in high school, whose goal was to influence, inspire, and make his mark in the world, these responses were more than enough to motivate me to continue and push forward!

​Shortly after high school, I discovered my passion for acting! Fast forward, and I enrolled in an acting class at Words In Motion Studios, where I got signed by two agencies, and starred in 2 short films, a feature film, both a tv pilot and a television show, and one commercial! During this chapter of life, I learned a lot about "the industry”, and I was motivated to create my own environment where I could give young actors the opportunities necessary to perform at their best and have fun as well. I realized that to make an impact, I needed to create a brand of my own!

And now I introduce you to IAMTONYTALKS! IAMTONYTALKS is my brand. It is my definition of what being you looks like and what it can do for you! Confused? Let me explain. Being the only boy in a family of four, I felt the pressure to stand out, to create a mark. As stated earlier, my purpose in life is to motivate and change lives through entertainment, and with a background in a highly interactive social media account on vine and YouTube, I knew I had the skill to create an audience! With that knowledge, I took on Instagram and created @IAMTONYTALKS! Through consistent messages of my impact on certain users, post by post I am getting closer to building a happy group of individuals who come to my page to feel good! As I stated before, my story has several chapters but as you can see the rest is still unwritten. As for the future, I plan on furthering my brand to television by creating a sit-com full of skits to make the world smile again, one face at a time!

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